I get the invictusmpoem!  It is about people not being able to to you.  They might take your body but thye can’t take your soul.   It also means that just because everything might be in turmoil there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  It also says that he has not cried about the situation.  The author realizes that he iks the only one who will change his life.  Everything ties in with that fact that he is the only one who has his soul.  He is in command.

Mandela and King

Nelson Manela and Martin Luther King had a lot in common, however they are different in some ways.  Dr. King was only in jail for a little while but Mandela was in jail for a realy long time.  They both fought for peace.  They also fought for unifacation.   When they first started fighting  for desegregation they got no respect.  After a while they earned respect and were rewarded.  Manela went on to become president but Dr. King was assasinated.  They were both determined men fighting for rights.


Even though King Arthur was a l;ive a long time ago qualities of a hero haven’t changed much.  In the middle ages it was called being chivalrous and in return they were rewarded by being knighted.  Now some heros, although not all are honored on national tv with programs such as cnn.  They should be caring, couragous, and willing to give anything and not expect a reward.  Heros shouldn’t get caught up in money, something that wasn’t as prevalalent in Arthur’s time.  That is what I think a hero should  be.